The Temple Operating System

Smiley face I am Divine King Terry, the Terrible, of the Holy Roman Catholic Kingdom, AZ/NV. File Downloads (100% Public Domain) Guide to NIST Oracles Blog and Chat (18 or Older) New Videos (18 or Older) Archived Videos 1 Video #690 SimStructure, a physics simulator for Windows. Video #1004 Terrence Edward Davis, my Dad's career. Archived Videos 1 Index Archived Videos 2 Archived Videos 3 Archived Video Index of Archives King Terry's Demands to the Computer Industry This is my idea of a computer. I dewnt leke moderfucker pussy faggot computers. I had a Xeon desktop 3Ghz 24-core Xeon with 128 Gig, but moderfuker crash. Evil Satan computer. Plans for future perfection of Intel official x86_64 architecture, host of God's Temple Perfect the Temple! History of TempleOS Public Notice of People to be Punished One Page Resume for Job of King King Terry, the Terrible, divine King of AZ/NV.