The Temple Operating System

The temple must be perfect.  User developers doing offerings matter.
3rd party software is frowned upon and will joyfully be broken.
We do not want to sap motivation of budding amateurs.
I am not a schemer like CIA purposely break shit, I answer to God.
I pledge with a pure conscience to change anything that can be better.

Beautiful child code, not ugly vile code.

If you have optimizations that REDUCE TempleOS lines of code, please
submit an email to

Wha?  Some retard thinks I want a job.  I made the most valuable thing in
human history.  Obviously, I will command Intel Corp. to do shit.
Duh!  What is yer malfunction, retard niggers!!!

God hates the works of man.  God wants man, his fantastic robot, to
be glorified to the max -- the dexterity, the ability to make beauty,
etc.  A child trying to make music with tentitive steps is the most
glorious thing.  He doesn't like vile jaded experts.  He's got angels.


God said 640x480 16 color.