#help_index "Snd/Music" public class CMusicGlbls { U8 *cur_song; CTask *cur_song_task; I64 octave; F64 note_len; U8 note_map[7]; Bool mute; I64 meter_top,meter_bottom; F64 tempo,stacatto_factor; //If you wish to sync with a //note in a Play() string. 0 is the start I64 play_note_num; F64 tM_correction,last_Beat,last_tM; } music={NULL,NULL,4,1.0,{0,2,3,5,7,8,10},FALSE,4,4,2.5,0.9,0,0,0,0}; #help_index "Snd/Music;Time/Seconds" public F64 tM() {//Time in seconds synced to music subsystem. return (cnts.jiffies+music.tM_correction)/JIFFY_FREQ; } public F64 Beat() {//Time in music beats. F64 res,cur_tM; PUSHFD CLI if (mp_cnt>1) while (LBts(&sys_semas[SEMA_TMBEAT],0)) PAUSE cur_tM=tM; res=music.last_Beat; if (music.tempo) res+=(cur_tM-music.last_tM)*music.tempo; music.last_tM=cur_tM; music.last_Beat=res; LBtr(&sys_semas[SEMA_TMBEAT],0); POPFD return res; } #help_index "Snd/Music" U8 *MusicSetOctave(U8 *st) { I64 ch; ch=*st++; while ('0'<=ch<='9') { music.octave=ch-'0'; ch=*st++; } return --st; } U8 *MusicSetMeter(U8 *st) { I64 ch; ch=*st++; while (ch=='M') { ch=*st++; if ('0'<=ch<='9') { music.meter_top=ch-'0'; ch=*st++; } if (ch=='/') ch=*st++; if ('0'<=ch<='9') { music.meter_bottom=ch-'0'; ch=*st++; } } return --st; } U8 *MusicSetNoteLen(U8 *st) { Bool cont=TRUE; do { switch (*st++) { case 'w': music.note_len=4.0; break; case 'h': music.note_len=2.0; break; case 'q': music.note_len=1.0; break; case 'e': music.note_len=0.5; break; case 's': music.note_len=0.25; break; case 't': music.note_len=2.0*music.note_len/3.0; break; case '.': music.note_len=1.5*music.note_len; break; default: st--; cont=FALSE; } } while (cont); return st; } public U0 Play(U8 *st,U8 *words=NULL) {/* Notes are entered with a capital letter. Octaves are entered with a digit and stay set until changed. Mid C is octave 4. Durations are entered with 'w' whole note 'h' half note 'q' quarter note 'e' eighth note 't' sets to 2/3rds the current duration '.' sets to 1.5 times the current duration durations stay set until changed. '(' tie, placed before the note to be extended music.meter_top,music.meter_bottom is set with "M3/4" "M4/4" etc. Sharp and flat are done with '#' or 'b'. The var music.stacatto_factor can be set to a range from 0.0 to 1.0. The var music.tempo is quarter-notes per second. It defaults to 2.5 and gets faster when bigger. */ U8 *word,*last_st; I64 note,octave,i=0,ona,timeout_val,timeout_val2; Bool tie; F64 d,on_jiffies,off_jiffies; music.play_note_num=0; while (*st) { timeout_val=cnts.jiffies; tie=FALSE; do { last_st=st; if (*st=='(') { tie=TRUE; st++; } else { st=MusicSetMeter(st); st=MusicSetOctave(st); st=MusicSetNoteLen(st); } } while (st!=last_st); if (!*st) break; note=*st++-'A'; if (note<7) { note=music.note_map[note]; octave=music.octave; if (*st=='b') { note--; if (note==2) octave--; st++; } else if (*st=='#') { note++; if (note==3) octave++; st++; } ona=Note2Ona(note,octave); } else ona=ONA_REST; if (words && (word=LstSub(i++,words)) && StrCmp(word," ")) "%s",word; d=JIFFY_FREQ*music.note_len/music.tempo; if (tie) { on_jiffies =d; off_jiffies =0; } else { on_jiffies =d*music.stacatto_factor; off_jiffies =d*(1.0-music.stacatto_factor); } timeout_val+=on_jiffies; timeout_val2=timeout_val+off_jiffies; if (!music.mute) Snd(ona); SleepUntil(timeout_val); music.tM_correction+=on_jiffies-ToI64(on_jiffies); if (!music.mute) Snd; SleepUntil(timeout_val2); music.tM_correction+=off_jiffies-ToI64(off_jiffies); music.play_note_num++; } } U0 MusicSettingsRst() { music.play_note_num=0; music.stacatto_factor=0.9; music.tempo=2.5; music.octave=4; music.note_len=1.0; music.meter_top=4; music.meter_bottom=4; SndRst; PUSHFD CLI if (mp_cnt>1) while (LBts(&sys_semas[SEMA_TMBEAT],0)) PAUSE music.last_tM=tM; music.last_Beat=0.0; LBtr(&sys_semas[SEMA_TMBEAT],0); POPFD } MusicSettingsRst; U0 CurSongTask() { Fs->task_end_cb=&SndTaskEndCB; while (TRUE) Play(music.cur_song); }