#define MAP_WIDTH 640 //Change this, if you like. #define UNITS_NUM 32 //Change this, if you like. #define HEX_SIDE 11 U0 InitDefines() { DefinePrint("MAP_HEIGHT","%d",(GR_HEIGHT-FONT_HEIGHT*2)*MAP_WIDTH/GR_WIDTH); DefinePrint("DCOS", "%12.9f", HEX_SIDE*Cos(60.0/180*pi)); DefinePrint("DSIN", "%12.9f", HEX_SIDE*Sin(60.0/180*pi)); DefinePrint("HEX_RADIUS","%12.9f", HEX_SIDE*Sin(60.0/180*pi)+0.01); //Slop } InitDefines; I64 map_cols=(MAP_WIDTH-DCOS)/(2*HEX_SIDE+2*DCOS), map_rows=ToI64((MAP_HEIGHT-DSIN)/DSIN)&~1, map_width=map_cols*(2*HEX_SIDE+2*DCOS)+DCOS, map_height=map_rows*DSIN+DSIN+1, x0,y0; CDC *map_dc; U8 terrain[map_rows][map_cols]; //Centers of hexes class Pt { F64 x,y; }; Pt hex_centers[map_rows][map_cols]; I64 show_vis_row,show_vis_col; Bool roads[map_rows][map_cols], rivers[map_rows][map_cols], vis_map[map_rows][map_cols]; //Other options for PLAINS are WHITE or YELLOW #define PLAINS LTGREEN #define TREES GREEN #define MOUNTAINS DKGRAY //These are used to display a range circle when they player //is firing. F64 fire_radius,fire_radius_x,fire_radius_y; //These display "phase", "turn" and "game over". U8 msg_buf[STR_LEN]; I64 msg_off_timeout; //Jiffies. Goes away after a time. //Unit types #define UT_INFANTRY 0 #define UT_ARTILLERY 1 #define UT_LT_TANK 2 #define UT_MD_TANK 3 class Unit { U8 *img; I64 num,row,col, armored_attack,unarmored_attack,armor; I8 type,player,facing,movement,life, range,remaining_movement,accuracy; Bool vis[2],fired,infantry,indirect_fire,pad[3]; }; Unit units[2][UNITS_NUM]; // Bt(vis_unit_bitmap,player1+player0*((UNITS_NUM+7)&~7)) U8 vis_unit_bitmap[2][(((UNITS_NUM+7)&~7)*UNITS_NUM)>>3]; #define PHASE_START 0 #define PHASE_INDIRECT 0 #define PHASE_INDIRECT0 0 #define PHASE_INDIRECT1 1 #define PHASE_MOVE 2 #define PHASE_MOVE0 2 #define PHASE_MOVE1 3 #define PHASE_DIRECT 4 #define PHASE_DIRECT0 4 #define PHASE_DIRECT1 5 #define PHASE_END 6 I64 phase,cur_player,enemy_player,view_player,turn, cursor_row,cursor_col,alive_cnt[2], player_indirect[2],player_move[2],player_direct[2]; F64 animation_delay=0.5; Bool moving=FALSE; I64 move_x,move_y; F64 move_facing; Unit *moving_unit; extern I64 HexMoveOne(I64 *_row,I64 *_col,F64 x,F64 y); class IndirectOrders { IndirectOrders *next,*last; Unit *attacker; I64 row,col; } indirect_head; Bool firing=FALSE; I64 fire_x,fire_y; Unit *target_unit; Bool target_hit; Bool indirect_explosion=FALSE; I64 indirect_row,indirect_col; I64 row_offsets[7]={-1,-2,-1,1,2,1,0}; I64 col_offsets_even[7]={-1, 0, 0,0,0,-1,0}; I64 col_offsets_odd [7]={ 0, 0, 1,1,0, 0,0};