U0 Toward(I64 *_row,I64 *_col,I64 direction) { switch (direction) { case 0: *_row-=2; break; case 1: if (*_row&1) *_col+=1; *_row-=1; break; case 2: if (*_row&1) *_col+=1; *_row+=1; break; case 3: *_row+=2; break; case 4: if (!(*_row&1)) *_col-=1; *_row+=1; break; case 5: if (!(*_row&1)) *_col-=1; *_row-=1; break; } } I64 FacingChg(I64 f1,I64 f2) { I64 res=(f1+6-f2)%6; if (res>=3) return 6-res; else return res; } U0 RowCol2XY(F64 *_x,F64 *_y,I64 row,I64 col) { Pt *c; row=ClampI64(row,0,map_rows); col=ClampI64(col,0,map_cols); c=&hex_centers[row][col]; *_x=c->x; *_y=c->y; } U0 XY2RowCol(I64 *_row,I64 *_col,F64 x,F64 y) { *_col=(x-DCOS/2)/(HEX_SIDE+DCOS); if (*_col&1) *_row=ToI64((y-DSIN)/(2*DSIN))*2+1; else *_row=ToI64(y/(2*DSIN))*2; *_col>>=1; *_row=ClampI64(*_row,0,map_rows-1); *_col=ClampI64(*_col,0,map_cols-1); } Unit *UnitFind(I64 row,I64 col) {//Finds unit in a hexagon. I64 i,j; for (j=0;j<2;j++) for (i=0;i<UNITS_NUM;i++) if (units[j][i].life>0 && units[j][i].row==row && units[j][i].col==col) return &units[j][i]; return NULL; } Bool CursorInWin(CTask *task,I64 x,I64 y) { if (0<=x+task->scroll_x<task->pix_width && 0<=y+task->scroll_y<task->pix_height) return TRUE; else return FALSE; } U0 CursorUpdate(CTask *task,I64 x,I64 y) { if (CursorInWin(task,x,y)) XY2RowCol(&cursor_row,&cursor_col,x,y); } class LOSCtrl { I64 r1,c1,r2,c2,distance; }; Bool LOSPlot(LOSCtrl *l,I64 x,I64 y,I64 z) {//We got tricky and used z as the distance from the start of the line. I64 row,col; XY2RowCol(&row,&col,x,y); if ((row!=l->r1 || col!=l->c1) && (row!=l->r2 || col!=l->c2) && terrain[row][col]!=PLAINS) { if (terrain[l->r1][l->c1]==MOUNTAINS) { if (terrain[row][col]==MOUNTAINS || z>l->distance>>1) return FALSE; } else if (terrain[l->r2][l->c2]==MOUNTAINS) { if (terrain[row][col]==MOUNTAINS || z<=l->distance>>1) return FALSE; } else return FALSE; } return TRUE; } Bool LOS(I64 r1,I64 c1,I64 r2,I64 c2) { F64 x1,y1,x2,y2; LOSCtrl l; RowCol2XY(&x1,&y1,r1,c1); RowCol2XY(&x2,&y2,r2,c2); l.r1=r1; l.c1=c1; l.r2=r2; l.c2=c2; l.distance=Sqrt(SqrI64(x1-x2)+SqrI64(y1-y2)); return Line(&l,x1,y1,0,x2,y2,l.distance,&LOSPlot); }