//Place this file in /Home and change //anything you want. //This file is executed by the //first terminal window upon start-up. //See Once and Home Files. // Type("::/Doc/Customize.DD"); U0 Tmp() { OnceExe; switch (sys_boot_src.u16[0]) { case BOOT_SRC_DVD: "\nIf you answer 'No' you can play with\n" "the live CD without installing.\n\n" "Install onto hard drive "; if (YorN) { DocBottom; if (RunFile("::/Misc/OSInstall",,FALSE)) { Del("C:/Home/DoDistro.HC.Z"); Del("D:/Home/DoDistro.HC.Z"); OnceDrv('C',"\"\n\nRun TOSStaffIns;\n\n\n\";"); OnceDrv('D',""); //This command uses cached Registry file. if (PressAKey!=CH_SHIFT_ESC) Reboot; //Too dangerous for amateurs until reboot. } } break; } if (FileFind("D:/Tmp/Logs/access.log")) { In("\n\n%C",CH_ESC); RunFile("::/Demo/WebLogDemo/WebLogRep",, "D:/Tmp/Logs/*.log","D:/Home/WebLogRep.DD"); Del("D:/Tmp/Logs/*.log"); } } Tmp;