TOS Staff Policies

* Motto: Run toward bugs, not away from bugs. * Be Metallica. Use short, sharp, powerful words, as though a song. * Be careful /Demo/AcctExample doesn't get extra files. When you run TOSRegen(), it will copy home files to /Demo/AcctExample. * Be careful remote/Wb site doesn't get extra files. If you delete or rename a file, also delete the remote/Wb file from the site. -] PreRegen() Linux: Export Bookmarks to ~/TAD/Home/Sup1/Sup1Blog/Bookmarks.html Linux: >vm_in Linux: VMware Machine: "TOS" { TempleOS: >TOSPreRegen; TempleOS: Update Budget } -] NewRelease(Bool full=FALSE) if (full) ]PreRegen() Linux: VMware Machine:"TOS" { TempleOS: >TOSRegen(full); } Linux: >vm_out if (full) { Linux: Burn ~/TAD to memory stick. On other machine { Linux: Copy ~/TAD from memory stick. VMware: VMware NewMachine:"TOS", Install TempleOSStaff.ISO { //2048 Meg RAM or 57344 Meg RAM TempleOS: TOSStaffIns(); in VMware. TempleOS: >TOSRegen; TempleOS: >#include "::/Misc/OSTestSuite" TempleOS: >Del("~/Demo*"); } Linux: >emu_staff_new Linux: >emu8core or >emu24core { TempleOS: TOSStaffIns(); in QEMU. TempleOS: >TOSRegen; } } } Linux: CrossFTP sync ~/TAD/Site1/Wb to remote/Wb if (full) { FileZilla Upload ~/TAD/Site1/index.html to remote/index.html Upload ~/TAD/Site1/TempleOS.html to remote/TempleOS.html } In WebHost FileMgr { Del { remote/TempleOSCD.ISO remote/TempleOSSup1.ISO.C remote/TempleOSWeb.ISO.C remote/TempleOSUltra.ISO } Copy up one level to remote root { remote/Wb/TempleOSCD.ISO remote/Wb/TempleOSSup1.ISO.C remote/Wb/TempleOSWeb.ISO.C remote/Wb/TempleOSUltra.ISO } } -] NewVersion(Bool full=FALSE) Increment minor version number. >R("3.12","3.13","-i-l"); //Approve by hand. Add version release notice in ::/Doc/ChgLog.DD. ]NewRelease(TRUE); Submit to Send email to MajorGeeks. if (full) { Submit to Upload to SourceForge. } -] NewYearlyVersion() Increment major version number. >R("3.13","4.00","-i-l"); //Approve by hand. Add version release notice in ::/Doc/ChgLog.DD. Update ::/Misc/PCIDevices.DD Remove 6 months from bottom of ::/Doc/ChgLog.DD. ]NewVersion(TRUE); * If you change the compiler language syntax, immediately make a ]NewRelease(TRUE).

TOS Staff Indoctrination

Make a list of all the ways you make a project scalable. With TempleOS, we scale down, not up, so do we do the opposite of all of them. How would you improve this LZW Compression? We have a 100,000 line of code limit, so it's a trick, thought provoking, question introducing you to our way of thinking. We hope to define objective metrics so we can simply ask the world to reduce the lines of code and be perfectly objective. We hope for an objective metric for the compiler, such as how fast it compiles itself (having been compiled by itself). It's a little less elegant, but we actually compile kernel and compiler together all the time with TOSBootHDIns('C' ). We have the freedom to change the HolyC language, like how I made type-casting post-fix. We need some more limitations on the problem because we don't want a ridiculous language. Consider these games as the basis of the vector space we wish to span: /Demo/Games/BattleLines.HC /Demo/Games/BigGuns.HC /Demo/Games/BlackDiamond.HC /Demo/Games/BomberGolf.HC /Demo/Games/CastleFrankenstein.HC /Demo/Games/CharDemo.HC /Demo/Games/CircleTrace.HC /Demo/Games/Collision.HC /Demo/Games/Digits.HC /Demo/Games/DunGen.HC /Demo/Games/ElephantWalk.HC /Demo/Games/FlapBat.HC /Demo/Games/FlatTops.HC /Demo/Games/Halogen.HC /Demo/Games/MassSpring.HC /Demo/Games/Maze.HC /Demo/Games/RainDrops.HC /Demo/Games/RawHide.HC /Demo/Games/Rocket.HC /Demo/Games/RocketScience.HC /Demo/Games/Squirt.HC /Demo/Games/Talons.HC /Demo/Games/TheDead.HC /Demo/Games/TicTacToe.HC /Demo/Games/TreeCheckers.HC /Demo/Games/Varoom.HC /Demo/Games/Wenceslas.HC /Demo/Games/Whap.HC /Demo/Games/Zing.HC /Demo/Games/ZoneOut.HC Unlike Linux and Windows, we do not want to handle all usage models. On the contrary, we want to cherry-pick the hell out of our target usage so we maximize the elegance and simple beauty while delivering something good for Hymns. If we can define the vector space we hope to span, precisely, then we can leave the operating system on autopilot for future generations. They simply make the best possible solution to the vector space. Knuth other literate coding homos are wrong -- if you have a well define way of doing things, it usually doesn't matter as long as it is consistent and easy to remember, so you don't vasillate. Try to do things in the way the computer naturally wants to do them. Don't be an arrogant French buffoon. Top-down is ridiculous because you have to make headers for every function. Bottom-up is how a computer wants to do it. In the past, there was a big-endian/little-endian battle. Little endian is obviously the way the computer naturally wants to operate. Do not bloat a compiler with theoretical optimizations that bad programmers might require. We would rather teach them. As a matter of fact, there is a very straight forward way to convert the C language to machine code. When I solicit line-of-code reducing optimizations, I plan to make it 100% objective, if possible, and chuckle at the fun, hard-to-understand hacks. If you have ideas on how to make TempleOS more like Linux, I'm not interested. However, if you have ideas to make it more like the 8-bit computer generation operating systems or like DOS, I am interested. We want the creative spirit of the 8-bit generation of computers.

TOS Linux SetUp

My Linux home directory is /home/tad I place my scripts in /home/tad/TOS/Bin and in /home/tad/TAD/Bin /home/tad/TOS/Bin is in my path. /home/tad/TAD/Bin is in my path. I place my icons in /home/tad/TAD/Desktop I copy D:/Home in and out of /home/tad/TOS/Home When I make a back-up, I copy /home/tad/TAD to /home/tad/Archives/TOS170131 /home/tad/TAD to /home/tad/Archives/TAD170131 /home/tad/TOS/Site1 /home/tad/TOS/Site1Stale Every month, I transfer my blog directory from Site1 to Site1Stale and remove it from TempleOS. * "Linux" is a trademark owned by Linus Torvalds. * "Windows" is a trademark owned by MicroSoft Corp.