I64 MyLeftCB1(CDoc *,CDocEntry *) { I64 i; for (i=500;i<1000;i+=25) { Snd(Freq2Ona(i)); Sleep(10); } Snd; return 0; } U0 ClickCallBack() { CDocEntry *doc_e; DocLock(DocPut); //The DocPrint() routine returns the addr of the last entry. doc_e=DocPrint(DocPut,"\n$MA+LC,\"Click Me\"$ "); //The LC flag is "has left callback". //Flags are explained here: //::/Doc/DolDocOverview.DD ::/Doc/Widget.DD //Dollar Flags ST_DOC_FLAGS "(Not preserved if you press <CTRL-t>.)\n\n"; doc_e->left_cb=&MyLeftCB1; DocUnlock(DocPut); } ClickCallBack; I64 MyLeftCB2(CDoc *,CDocEntry *) { return cnts.jiffies; } U0 PopUpJiffiesCallBack(I64 i) { CDoc *doc=DocNew; CDocEntry *doc_e=DocPrint(doc, "Click %d more times\n\n\n$BT+LC,\"Jiffies\"$\n\n\n",i); doc_e->left_cb=&MyLeftCB2; "Current Jiffies:%d\n",PopUpMenu(doc); DocDel(doc); } PopUpJiffiesCallBack(3); PopUpJiffiesCallBack(2); PopUpJiffiesCallBack(1);