U0 CursorMovementDemo() { I64 i; for (i=0;i<100;i++) { "%03d ",i; "$CM,-4,1$"; if (i%10==9) "$CM,4,-10$"; } //+LX is relative to left side. //See <CTRL-l> with cursor-movement for all the flags. //Check "Quote" to set-up a cmd for in quotes. "$CM+LX,0,+10$\n"; } CursorMovementDemo; /*The word-wrap Off and On cmds are $WW,0$ and $WW,1$. You might need DocMax() to adjust the cmd line window buf size. It counts cmds, not lines. The +H flag will hold-onto an entry so it doesn't get pushed-out of the document. This is useful for a $WW+H,1$ cmd. See ::/Doc/DolDocOverview.DD for documentation on all flags and cmds. Note: the default page length is 66 lines and branching back more than the page length will rst the column to 1. So, set page length to a large number if you want to branch back a long distance. */