/*$DA is the data widget. -TRM flag is for var width fields with a terminator character. +RD refreshes the data. +UD updates the val when you edit it. -P Means it is a string var, basically. ,32 sets the tag string width. See Data Tag Width. ,RT=I16 means the val is 2 bytes. See DocDataFmt() and DocDataScan(). */ I16 i=0; U8 buf[8]; U0 UpdateGlblTask(I64) { while (TRUE) { i++; Sleep(1); } } U0 DataDemo() { CDocEntry *doc_e; //This is the command line document. CDoc *doc=DocPut; //We do this to prevent access to //doc_e->data before it is set. Bool unlock=DocLock(doc); //You might set the DOCF_FORM flag. // doc->flags|=DOCF_FORM //if you wish. Spawn(&UpdateGlblTask,NULL,"Update Glbl",,Fs); "Enter editor overstrike mode\n" "and you can modify the val.\n" "However, changes happen immediately,\n" "so it's tricky.\n\n"; //Use <CTRL-l> for the $DA...$ format. doc_e=DocPrint(doc,"$DA-TRM+RD+UD,RT=I16,A=\"%%7d\"$\n"); doc_e->data=&i; StrCpy(buf,"Terry"); doc_e=DocPrint(doc,"$DA-P+RD+UD,LEN=7,A=\"Str:%%s\"$\n"); doc_e->data=buf; if (unlock) DocUnlock(doc); } DataDemo; //See PopUpExtents().