/*Scans the sym table and checks each HTT_DEFINE_STR entry to see if it only occurs once in files. It's a brute force solution, but gets the job done... slowly. Find() returns a count of matches. FileOcc() is Find() with output Silent(). */ U0 UnusedDefineScan() { CDoc *old_put_doc,*old_display_doc,*doc; I64 i,cnt=0; CHashTable *table; CHash *tmph; CDocEntry *doc_e,*doc_e2; Bool old_silent=IsSilent; try { table=Fs->hash_table; while (table) { for (i=0;i<=table->mask;i++) { tmph=table->body[i]; while (tmph) { if (tmph->type&HTT_DEFINE_STR) cnt++; tmph=tmph->next; } } table=table->next; } progress1=0; progress1_max=cnt; StrCpy(progress1_desc,"Define Scan"); table=Fs->hash_table; while (table) { for (i=0;i<=table->mask;i++) { tmph=table->body[i]; while (tmph) { if (tmph->type&HTT_DEFINE_STR) { progress1++; if (FileOcc(tmph->str,"/*","+l-i+$")==1) { doc=DocNew; old_put_doc=DocPut; old_display_doc=DocDisplay; Fs->put_doc=Fs->display_doc=doc; Find(tmph->str,"/*","+l-i+$"); Fs->put_doc=old_put_doc; Fs->display_doc=old_display_doc; doc_e=doc->head.next; while (doc_e!=doc) { if (doc_e->type_u8==DOCT_LINK) { "%s ",tmph->str; doc_e2=DocEntryCopy(doc,doc_e); DocInsEntry(old_put_doc,doc_e2); '\n'; } doc_e=doc_e->next; } DocDel(doc); } } tmph=tmph->next; } } table=table->next; } } catch PutExcept; Silent(old_silent); '\n'; ProgressBarsRst; } UnusedDefineScan;