U0 RawAccess(I64 drv_let=0) { CDrv *dv=Let2Drv(drv_let); CBlkDev *bd=Let2BlkDev(drv_let); I64 blk,old_offset,old_size; U8 *buf=MAlloc(BLK_SIZE); DrvRep; PressAKey; ClassRep(dv); PressAKey; ClassRep(bd); PressAKey; //Temporarily change partition range to full device. //Normally, you are limited to just your partition. //This is obviously dangerous! old_offset=dv->drv_offset; old_size =dv->size; dv->drv_offset=0; dv->size=bd->max_blk+1; try { blk=GetI64("Blk to Read: ",old_offset,0,bd->max_blk); BlkRead(dv,buf,blk,1); D(buf,BLK_SIZE); } catch PutExcept; dv->drv_offset=old_offset; dv->size =old_size; Free(buf); } RawAccess; //See BlkRead(), BlkWrite(), DrvLock(), DrvUnlock() //DBlk(), DClus(), BlkDevLock() and BlkDevUnlock().