/*There is no FPrintF type function and no way to grow files. Therefore, use mem to hold the file until you are done. The CDoc framework is convenient for this. */ U0 TreeSub(CDoc *doc,CDirEntry *tmpde) { CDirEntry *tmpde1; while (tmpde) { tmpde1=tmpde->next; if (tmpde->attr & RS_ATTR_DIR) { DocPrint(doc,"$TR,\"\"$"); DocPrint(doc,"$MA,T=\"%s\",LM=\"Cd(\\\"%s\\\");Dir;\n\"$\n", tmpde->name,tmpde->full_name); if (tmpde->sub) { DocPrint(doc,"$ID,+2$"); TreeSub(doc,tmpde->sub); DocPrint(doc,"$ID,-2$"); } } else DocPrint(doc,"$LK,\"%s\",A=\"FI:%s\"$\n", tmpde->name,tmpde->full_name); //Note there is also a routine //to delete an entire CDirEntry tree. //See DirTreeDel(). DirEntryDel(tmpde); tmpde=tmpde1; } } U0 FPrintFDemo(U8 *output_filename=NULL) { I64 fuf_flags=0; CDoc *doc=DocNew(output_filename); ScanFlags(&fuf_flags,Define("ST_FILE_UTIL_FLAGS"),"+r"); DocPrint(doc,"$TR-C,\"\"$\n"); DocPrint(doc,"$ID,+2$"); TreeSub(doc,FilesFind("/*",fuf_flags)); DocPrint(doc,"$ID,-2$"); DocRecalc(doc); if (output_filename) DocWrite(doc,FALSE); else DocWrite(doc,TRUE); DocDel(doc); } FPrintFDemo;