/*If you press <CTRL-t> you will see this: $IB,"<1>",BI=1,BP="::/Demo/Graphics/SpritePut.HC,2"$ That imports an external sprite. It's called a DOCEF_BIN_PTR_LINK. See BP="". Press <CTRL-r> and "Ptr to Sprite". Then, enter a file and the number of the sprite in the file. Note: the number can get messed-up if you change the order of sprites in the source file. You can link to a tag string instead of a num. */ U0 SpritePutExt() { I64 i; for (i=0;i<3;i++) { "US Map:"; Sprite(<1>); "%h12c",'\n'; //"h" is a secondary arg. Print 12 newline chars. } } SpritePutExt;