//Normally, you make sprites with <CTRL-r>. //This shows how to build a sprite by hand. //See ::/Apps/GrModels. class MySprite { // See Sprite Elem Types CSpriteColor color; CSpritePtPt line1; CSpritePtPt line2; CSpritePtPt line3; CSpritePt fill; CSpriteBase end; }; U0 SpriteRawDemo() { MySprite s; MemSet(&s,0,sizeof(s)); s.color.type=SPT_COLOR; s.color.color=GREEN; s.line1.type=SPT_LINE; s.line1.x2=100; s.line1.y2=50; s.line2.type=SPT_LINE; s.line2.x2=50; s.line2.y2=100; s.line3.type=SPT_LINE; s.line3.x1=100; s.line3.y1=50; s.line3.x2=50; s.line3.y2=100; s.fill.type=SPT_FLOOD_FILL; s.fill.x1=20; s.fill.y1=20; s.end.type=SPT_END; Sprite(&s); "%h13c",'\n'; } SpriteRawDemo;