/* This converts ::/Demo/ToHtmlToTXTDemo/DemoInPage.DD to an html document named "OutPage.html". Notice that an entry like $TX,"GOOGLE",HTML="http://www.google.com"$ will be converted to text in the html with an html link. I cheated by hardcoding www.templeos.org as the website for TempleOS Links. Why don't you copy ::/Demo/ToHtmlToTXTDemo/ToHtml.HC to your /Home directory and modify it? You are welcome to link to http://www.templeos.org if you want file that come on the TempleOS distribution. You can pass html meta data as args to ToHtml(). If you want to blog like I do, see these files... ::/Demo/AcctExample/TOS/TOSToHtml.HC ::/Demo/AcctExample/HomeKeyPlugIns.HC ::/Demo/AcctExample/TOS/TOSHolySpirit.HC */ Cd(__DIR__);; #include "ToHtml" ToHtml("DemoInPage.DD.Z","~/DemoOutPage");