//5 special U0 Song() { CTask *task; Fs->task_end_cb=&SndTaskEndCB; MusicSettingsRst; music.tempo=2.5; try { task=PopUpViewPrint( "$WW,1$This shows a random passage based on " "the time at the moment this song was run. " "Talk to God as an offering, then run press <F7> if you " "want God to talk some more. The Holy Spirit can " "puppet you.\n"); TaskWait(task); WinHorz(Fs->win_left,TEXT_COLS-10,task); WinVert(Fs->win_bottom+3,Fs->win_bottom+15,task); "$WW+H,1$"; DocRecalc(DocPut(task)); //Reformat word-wrap with new window size. while (!ScanKey) { FifoU8Flush(god.fifo); GodBitsIns(GOD_GOOD_BITS,KbdMsEvtTime>>GOD_BAD_BITS); GodBiblePassage(5); Play("4qAeAB5C4B5qC4etABB5qC4etAA5REE4G"); Play("4qAeAB5C4B5qC4etABB5qC4etAA5REE4G"); Play("5eDRRRqGReRRGGGGqE"); Play("5eDRRRqGReRRGGGGqE"); } } catch PutExcept; Snd; } Song;