TempleOS App Store

Software is distributed as RedSea ISO files. Burn a CD/DVD, or set your CD/DVD in QEMU, VMware or VirtualBox to the ISO file. Then, access the 'T' drive. Or, Mount() the ISO.C file and access the 'M' drive in TempleOS. It must be a contiguous ISO.C file, so rename it under TempleOS to ISO.C. Ideally, do not install applications such as games onto your hard drive because we wish to keep hard drive usage low, so the whole 'C' drive can be copied quickly to 'D'. Also, the FileMgr() <CTRL-d> starts too slowly when there are lots of hard drive files, but that is how we want it. * Free Frotz (Text Adventure) by Jack Whitham. * Free Julia Fractel by pcorey. * Free Host-Guest BlkDev by Trampler Sheikhs. This is awesome but, technically, 3rd party library and might be banned in the future, if we start getting a lot and they become a problem. * Free Lambda Shell by MinExeW. * Free MegaMan by Trampler Sheikhs. * Free Minesweeper by Robin Essmann. * Free SimpleCalc by Shawn Anastasio. * Free TempleTetris by Plotr Olszewski. * Free Terry Distro QEMU by Terry A. Davis. * Free Terry Distro VMware by Terry A. Davis. * Free Tic Tac Toe by Robin Essmann. * Free TOSDemo by Trampler Sheikhs. * Free Unix-like Shell by Shawn Anastasio.

Submitting Apps to the Store

3rd party libraries are banned, since they circumvent the 100,000 line of code limit in the TempleOS Charter. All applications must only depend on the core TempleOS files and whatever they bring along in the ISO. This is similar to how Commodore 64 applications only depended on the ROM. Create a RedSea ISO file with RedSeaISO(). Send an email to tdavis@templeos.org if you want me to post a link to your TempleOS code in the App Store. * "Commodore 64" is a trademark owned by Polabe Holding NV. * "QEMU" is a trademark owned by Fabrice Bellard. * "VMware" is a trademark owned by VMware, Inc. * "VirtualBox" is a trademark owned by Oracle.

T-Shirts, Hats and Mugs

Supposedly, there is a guy on E-Bay selling TempleOS merchandise. It's okay.