Why I Cannot Use Git

If I used git, I would set-up a cloned directory in my Linux HOME that had the entire tree of TempleOS files. I would upload and download to this directory with GIT. When starting TempleOS from Linux, I would copy the entire directory tree into the QEMU image and boot QEMU. After runnning QEMU, I would copy the entire directory tree out from QEMU into the Linux HOME. As it stands, all my files are stored compressed in TempleOS, with my own compression scheme. GIT could not open them, just hold them as binary files. If I did zip and unzip all the files when copying in and out, GIT could still not process the binary sprite graphics that I store in my source code. If I tried hard, I could put the graphics in only the TempleOS demo applications and documentation. The core 100,000 lines of code mostly doesn't have sprite graphics images, but I like being able to use sprite graphics images for diagrams in my source code. GIT can not process my extended 8-Bit ASCII characters. As a matter of fact, I use ASCII#5 to store the IDE cursor location in my source files and all my tools ignore the ASCII#5. I use ASCII#31 for HARD_SPACE. It is like a standard space but my spaces-to-tabs utility, which converts all possible spaces to tabs, doesn't touch the ASCII#31. In my source code, I use ASCII#31 for space characters in all source code literal strings and my compiler converts ASCII#31 to ASCII#32 when it compiles. Frequently, I run global find-and-replace-text on all my files. It would be a major pain if I had to check-out all my files, run find-replace tool, and check-in all my files. You cannot compile my files because only my compiler supports HolyC, nor can I compile yours because my compiler only compiles HolyC. In HolyC, type-casting is postfix; U0 is not void, but a size-zero item that will cause a major pain for standard C; there is no question-colon operator; the precedence of the bit shift operators is different; parentheses are optional if no function arguments; and taking the address of a function in HolyC must have an ampersand. * "Git" is a trademark owned by Linus Torvalds. * "QEMU" is a trademark owned by Fabrice Bellard.