//This is an example of how you do documentation. //Puts the cursor at the bottom. Msg(MSG_KEY_DOWN,0,SC_CURSOR_DOWN|SCF_CTRL); "\nEd(\"::/Misc/Tour/Tour5.IN.Z\");\n"; Msg(MSG_KEY_DOWN,0,SC_CURSOR_UP|SCF_CTRL); Msg(MSG_KEY_DOWN,0,SC_CURSOR_DOWN); "//"; TourPut( "Now, we'll add a link to a file using the $GREEN$<F4>$FG$ filename chooser.\n", TRUE); '' CH_CTRLL; Sleep(2000); '' CH_SPACE; Sleep(1500); '' CH_SPACE; Sleep(1500); Msg(MSG_KEY_DOWN,0,SC_CURSOR_DOWN); Sleep(1500); TourPut( "Press $GREEN$<F4>$FG$ for the file chooser. Then, " "pick a file and press $GREEN$<ESC>$FG$."); InGetKey(SC_F4); Sleep(5000); TourPut("Press $GREEN$<ESC>$FG$ to exit the form.\n"); InGetChar(CH_ESC); TourPut("Press $GREEN$<SHIFT-ESC>$FG$ to abort.\n"); InGetChar(CH_SHIFT_ESC); TourPut("Use $GREEN$<SHIFT F4>$FG$ to pick directories.\n",TRUE);