"Ed(\"::/Misc/Bible.TXT.Z\");\n"; TourPut("Press $GREEN$<CTRL-F>$FG$ to find.\n"); InGetChar(CH_CTRLF); InPrint(150,"new song"); TourPut("Cursor down 8 times.\n"); I64 i; for (i=0;i<8;i++) InGetKey(SC_CURSOR_DOWN); TourPut("Press '$GREEN$2$FG$' to show all lines within 2 of a match.\n"); InGetStr("2"); TourPut("Press $GREEN$<ESC>$FG$ to exit the form.\n"); InGetChar(CH_ESC); TourPut("Look around and press $GREEN$<ESC>$FG$ to turn off filter.\n"); InUntilChar(CH_ESC,CH_SHIFT_ESC); TourPut("You can combine filters to effectively do AND searches.\n",TRUE); '' CH_SHIFT_ESC;