TourPut( "All text widgets work everywhere. The $GREEN$Type()$FG$ command is like " "the DOS command of the same name or the UNIX, $GREEN$cat$FG$ command. " "We will, now, send your menu document to the command line. It uses the " "same document format and the icons are even active!!\n\n" "Press $GREEN$<ENTER>$FG$.\n"); //Puts the cursor at the bottom. Msg(MSG_KEY_DOWN,0,SC_CURSOR_DOWN|SCF_CTRL); "\n"; "Type(\"~/PersonalMenu.DD\");"; InGetStr("\n"); Sleep(1500); InPrint(250,"Dir;\n"); Sleep(1500); TourPut( "$GREEN$Type()$FG$ can also be used on $GREEN$.BMP$FG$ or $GREEN$.GR$FG$ " "files!",TRUE);